I do I undo I redo

ART IN THE MoMA (ALL WITHOUT A DIPLOMA), Guggenheim and the Whitney. The bathroom stalls are where the art critics come out. 

arstyfartsy instagram

arstyfartsy instagram

Female street artists doin stuff, Birmingham ALABAMA. 


If it makes you feel better just pretend some company paid me to put this here. 

Beautiful Boys Crew takes over Rome

I was, after the fashion of humanity, in love with my name, and as young educated people commonly do, I wrote it everywhere.

—Goethe, Poetry and Truth, 1811


NEB makin rounds at the Roman Forum and The Colosseum

I guess you could say  the artist’s artwork is in the Permanent collections of Peggy Guggenheim, Palazzo Grassi, Biennale, Arsenale, streets of Venice and the Villa Borghese. VANDAL. 

NEB is making his presence known at the Venice Arsenale, Biennale and the hipster hang out of Campo San Magherita. REPRESENT.